Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blogger’s not working smoothly for me in Shanghai
— here’s my new blog!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A friend sent me a couple of laughs :)

Reminder: You might not want to watch this at work!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Yums and Funs

Green Waffle has became our lunch choice whenever we crave for a relaxing afternoon. Located on a steep hill between our office and Hollywood Road, this place attracts a somewhat different crowd. The
The food was not up to standard today, but we had a nice talk over lunch and nothing beats this.

We went there around 12:50pm.
As expected, had to come back in an hour.

Minimal Christmas decorations. Nice.

Love their tiles.

Wall plants.

Stew skillet. This is what I've been eating here three time in a row. 

Coins above the exit. Feng shui stuff.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sometimes I wonder if life could be better.

“Little peonies” 小牡丹 are in season! Waited for months. Literally.
Finally know what florists call them.

Dearie, thank YOU and your sweet words!
Feel bad for telling you that I'm leaving in 6 days…
but want to get you prepared! No big deal ;)

Ceci showed me what she got her uncle.
And I laughed out loud. This is TOO cute. Do you see him?

I’ve got mail (finally not bills)!!
So unexpected. Thank you.

 Love your metaphor…
Irene, I wish I knew you are this sweet all along!
What you + Gladys + Cary wrote gave me a good chuckle.

Got all these in a day.

I am one lucky bitch! 
Love you all xx

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Haven't done these tea stains for a long time…
since high school? Fun times!

deTour HK 2010

Managed to make it to the deTour Hong Kong opening’s on November 26th. This year deTour is hosted at the former Victoria Prison in Central. I think the vibe there wasn’t bad. This kind of night-time treasure hunting in HK was definitely my first, and I wish we have artsy booths like these all year long.

Saw lots of young jewelers, illustrators, product designers, and other kind of artists who created amazing, affordable art pieces. Please note that I am only showing a small part of the exhibition. I had to view the remaining at another time, as one of my favorite client said, “viewing art can be tiring.”

Outside the former Victoria Prison 

Outside the former Victoria Prison 

Apart from the installations and exhibitions,
the night market got the crowd excited.

Wearable art

Emerging local talents: Dirty Paper
Learned that they were flown to participate at Japan's deTour last year

Illustrations and handmade books.

Sek Kip Mei elderly people.


Hidden haven.

Locker, anyone?

This other room's lighting is a lot cooler,
but the deers managed to bring this place to life.

From Local Dutch, a group of independent
Dutch designers living and working in China.

Inviting participation

Live projection at the Upper Courtyard

The DJ (in black) and the projected random visuals on stage.

After being visually overwhelmed,
“Pure Water Design — with a vision for the future”
definitely cleared my mind. 

Different containers were used to show the beauty of water.

Simple and beautiful.
What a perfect place to end tonight's tour.

This year the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design brought the project DeX Detour into the program. DeX Detour is a design exchange program curated by Marisa Yiu and Teruo Kurosaki that partnered ten Hong Kong designers with Teruo Kurosaki's studio in Japan. While Hong Kong designers worked under the theme “Aesthetics. Ethics. Designing with Innocence,” designers from Japan worked under the theme of “Pure Water Design.” Click here to read more about deTour and DeX Tour.