Saturday, August 22, 2009

White Beauty

Went to my uncle's baptism last weekend.
There were people of different ages.

A senior woman approached my cousin,
gently touching her arm saying,
"Hi, it's been a while!"

My cousin smiled and joked,
"Yes, it's been a while, and you've turned into a Caucasian lady!"

Of course the woman is still an Asian woman,
my cousin was only referring to the woman's hair color.

I couldn't help looking at the white heads in front of me.
They reminded me of my graduation project last year.
And I recall hearing something like this somewhere:
No matter what color you are,
when we grow old,
we all have the same hair color
—we are all equal this way.

During my last year of school.
I was very fortunate to have a great visiting teacher.
She not only taught us well, she is very easy to look at and is very stylish.
Her grayish-white hair matches her beautifully (mind you, she is young to have gray hair).
I once thought she might look better if she had her hair dyed,
but then, I think she look way better this way.
She might have even intentionally dyed her hair grey with white highlights.
Very natural, very pretty.

When I grow old,
I would be very proud of my gray hair.
And later on, I would be even more proud of my whites.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Half Tree by Atsuki Kikuchi

I started off by liking how modest it looked.
And then when I saw the slide show, I like it even more…

The color combination matches the form so beautifully.

This shocked me. So playful.

And, as expected.

Design by Atsuki Kikuchi, founder of the Bluemark design agency.

You don't need a lot of cups and saucers, 
but I think this will be something nice for a new home.
Sweet, huh?


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