Wednesday, March 31, 2010


clear your mind

close your eyes.

now listen

—what do you hear?
…is there such thing as silence?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Understated Escape

Trapped in the midst of high-rises and skyscrapers here in Hong Kong, it is hard enough to see the sky from the ground, never mind the sunset and sunrise.

Mo introduced us to this place called 白泥 (direct English translation: White Mud), a popular location where city dwellers enjoys the sunset. We took a short trip down Yuen Long on a nice Saturday afternoon before sunset.

We went a bit further than the usual route and stuck around to explore the neighborhood. I felt like I was in a rural part of China or something, though we were only an hour and a half away from the central part of HK.

Duck and you'll see

Looks like a haunted house

Have no idea what this means—anyone?


Guess people here are not immune to the mosquitoes
and needs bugs spray too.

 Pucky found this weird-looking but beautiful tree

… with cute chubby branches and leaves

The new and the old

Think he spotted us too


The calming wave

A spectacular view of the changing sky

We were chasing after the sun

 There you are :)

Love the silhouette

 Good night plants

They have different kinds of gates, all quite distinctive

The simple corner store,
with potato chips humbly displayed on a counter top

I have been so enthralled by the scenery, had almost lost track of time. It was quite an adventure; an escape from the traffic, the noise and the scents of the city. We are often too caught up in the time-bound environment, which is undesirable for a leisurely contemplation of the scenery. I enjoy these slow walks. They are quite meditating and I believe they connect us better with what surrounds us.

The above photographs were taken with my amature photography skills. Search on the internet for great photos from others (for example,!

A Special Note: CC has recently commented on my writing, which motivated me to write again. Thank you CC, I thought nobody reads my blog anymore and that's why I stopped.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kung Lee Sugar Cane

Situated on Hollywood Road, this famous sugar cane juice store welcomes you with their open entrance. For only $8/fresh sugar cane juice, you could sit and enjoy the beauty of the 50s decor.

Sugar cane company

Wanted to get one of these beauties before,
but learned that clock running on electricity are less accurate

Been in business since its inception 62 years ago

Love these old-school fans up on the ceiling

sugar canes

Not too sure why these golden bunnies are facing the wall

It is not Leon Lai in this antique poster, but rather,
a representation of the definition of a "handsome man" back in the 50s
(Leon Lai wouldn't be born back then).

Bookmaking: Is it just a labour of love?

My boss and I, along with other publishers, printers, graphic designers and artists, were invited to attend this design talk yesterday titled Bookmaking: Is it just a labour of love?

Thank you MCCM Creations for hosting such a meaningful event like this in Hong Kong. From time to time, I feel that I lost my integrity of being a print designer. We definitely need to educate the general public to appreciate the art of bookmaking.

Special thanks to Mary Wong for making it to the event and taking these photos for me.

The Fringe Studio was filled with
publishers, authors, printers, designers, artists, & audiences

Sharing my thoughts on books and the invisible elements within it

Describing the process of creating Empress Blaze Moon

Event Flyer