Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sometimes I wonder if life could be better.

“Little peonies” 小牡丹 are in season! Waited for months. Literally.
Finally know what florists call them.

Dearie, thank YOU and your sweet words!
Feel bad for telling you that I'm leaving in 6 days…
but want to get you prepared! No big deal ;)

Ceci showed me what she got her uncle.
And I laughed out loud. This is TOO cute. Do you see him?

I’ve got mail (finally not bills)!!
So unexpected. Thank you.

 Love your metaphor…
Irene, I wish I knew you are this sweet all along!
What you + Gladys + Cary wrote gave me a good chuckle.

Got all these in a day.

I am one lucky bitch! 
Love you all xx

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