Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Got inspired (very inspired) by talking to a person i'd passed by the hallway a million times but never talked to (too shy).

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shopping for Clothes

Stopped impulse-shopping ever since my grad project started. But sometimes to save you a trip, you'll have to do that (ie, just happening to be at H&M in coq).

The thing with this "i am just going to look around, not buying anything today" is that you are using up another plastic bag. Arrggghh.. it's not easy to be green.

Tag (unavoidable)
Receipt (unavoidable)
Plastic Bag

So when i went to the cashier, i asked about the buttons around the collar-- seem a bit odd to have that as style, or mayb, it is, but it doesn't hurt to ask. It turned out that there's a fur trim that goes with the jacket (wow good that i asked, the cashier and the manager beside the cashier didn' t even know that there is supposed to be a fur trim/hood).. and i had to say after the wait for the fake fur, when i see one of the sales associates bringing it to us without the plastic bag surrounding it, i was slightly disappointed. it nothing much, but having experience in working in a clothing store, plastic bag=brand new item. And that reminds me of the garbage-bag full of plastic hangers, plastic bags that are wasted every time there is a new arrival.. i just realized that this is so wrong. we have that kind of thinking embedded in us, that we want things to b prepackaged when it does not need to b (ie, the clothing will not rot like foods without packaging).

* i like the lower-case 'i' in 'I' better because i like that dot.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Environmental Practices

Seriously i would go if the event is not $95. Too bad my bday's passed, if not i might had gotten people to chip in.. :P boo... So being green is not really that accessible still huh. actually, maybe i will go..
Believe in what you are doing.
The results will be rewarding.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

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Tons of Links from GDC
Design Media
100 Mile Diet
BC Seasonal Produce Chart


Thank you Vania, you made studying so much more enjoyable.
+ thank you Gary for dropping by!

Act On CO2

I think this is a great website for carbon footprints, by far the most graphically intriguing one. The flash works really well, and the juxtapositions are great. The questionnaire is pretty lengthy but the graphics kept me engaged. Having graphs at the very end makes the comparison easy, yet the only drawback, I personally think, is the Action Plans at the end, it is a bit long, boring and rather unreadable because of the limited viewing area. Unless you print it out, it is hard to read.

WOKmedia, Shanghai

Questioning our self constructed environments, shaking on our make-believe worlds and throwing them off centre. Out of the confusion a far more powerful world develops, beyond the clarity of logic. Inside the chaos there is often another unexplored world, offering new possibilities in sense making.

The Whole House Off Switch.

Pushing one button to turn off the power of all unnecessary items! Simply amazing!

Greenwalls.. i like!

Life is Endlessly Beautiful

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Life is Beautiful

I am listening to John Lennon's Imagine while working. This is soooooooo beautiful. I'd always ignored this ever-changing photoframe of 'mine'. Now that I'd moved out, I had really learned to appreciate and enjoy working in my room, and looking out the window from time to time. To me, this truly is luxurious.

If you are interested in trying to become a better, more environmentally responsible person, here are 10 simple steps! If we are waiting for the government to pass laws & legislations, we might as well act first.. and if you want to do more, there are many many eco-sites.. and books!

Design Speaker Series 1

I so want to go to Logo Savy, too bad I have a project due at class on thurs night. Maybe see you guys at school during my break, Man Dao + Ryan!

go green!

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day
Hey it turns out I am not too late for this!
I get to post something up for Blog Action Day tomorrow!

Yes, Green is everywhere. I cannot blame some people for getting annoyed by the words ‘Green’ and ‘Sustainability
and Environment. Words like these are too overused. Greenwashing is everywhere. Green seem to be the trend and solution for selling a product at a higher price. As Mark Busse (by the way he is such an awesome speaker) said during the lecture at ECI, it is bothering us now that people are promoting green everywhere… when ethics should be within us, we should know what to use in our print, and where to draw the boundary — reflect it within our work, not just talk and no action. I was thinking I would get offended at the start of the conversation, and then when he finished talking, I believe I am going the right track. I believe in trying, and so now I am trying to educate Elementary School Teachers to pass on this education…

Despite the horrible cover, Ecological Literacy: Educating Our Children for a Sustainable World is really a great book, but it is taking me for-ever to read! I am such a slow reader.

Came across an article in a blog: Christina Normal of MTV at the Consumer Forum:

  • It’s not the medium, but the content that matters most
  • Build an emotional connection with audience on foundation of creative content
  • Give audience the means to find each other
  • Let your audience help you shape your brand

This is great if you have a strong fans culture, but how could this apply to my Climate Change kit? The Qs at the end of the blog intrigued me: How can you invite your audience in to become more engaged? How can you offer “one experience across many screens”? How would you deliver the message without alienating the target audience?

I do not want a simple “recycle, reduce, reuse” program, this shouldn't be as fast as it goes. Environmental responsibility should be better incorporated into the school curriculum. Europe and even other places in Canada are doing so much better than Vancouver, the supposedly ‘center of sustainability’.

Some things I am hoping to achieve if I am doing a ‘simple’ website:

  • create a community, a ‘town square’
  • allow elementary school teacher to go into and return for reference and encouragement
  • encourage people to try, and try harder
Ok… we all are not trained to be great presenters at Emily Carr, at least we are not provided any resources, but here is a Spokesperson Training Manual to download. Hope it helps.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

so this blog is born!

Found this at home during the summer. Mom is so cute. I've forgotten what was it like to grow something. The last time I grew anything was like red beans back when I was in elementary. Last month I received a plant-a-tree kit from a great friend of mine. I'd been watering it but nothing grew yet.. I enjoy that anticipation — I do wake up every morning hoping it would sprout. Simple things like this amazing. I do think school gardens would be very beneficial to elementary children. If only Vancouver has some…

The Visual Dictionary is awesome, amongst others, i have a bunch of signage photos too, but they are so everywhere.. this is a great place for all type nerds because you can not only browse for inspiration, but also contribute. I love the original colors of The Wizard of Oz they really are fantastic! Colors Colors Colors! This is why I enjoy looking at old prints!

So I was convinced to start a new blog. This blog will be a bit less personal/emotional. And will have links to sites I find inspirational. I hope this will help both myself and my friends :)